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Poultry Housing

Developed through our Haygrove Polytunnel innovations.

Laying Birds

laying birds poultry housing

Significant market demand exists for free range production. This is being driven by two strong drivers; consumer demand and legislation. Consumers and through them supermarkets are demanding that laying birds can exhibit their natural behaviour for roaming, bathing and scratching. The legislators agree and by 2012, the EU Freedom Act means that egg laying poultry must be re-located from cage accommodation.

Halo Mobile steel framed houses provide modern welfare friendly accommodation.

  • Halo Ranger - Our most popular house – offering accommodation for any flock size between 500 to 4000 birds.
  • Halo Mini Ranger - The house of choice for organic, small scale production or specialist producers. Typically, the Halo Mini Ranger will house up to 500 laying birds
  • Halo Maxi Ranger - The Maxi-Ranger was introduced in 2008 for producers wanting their birds to access the indoor scratch area through as short a walk as possible. This can be especially important for shy breeds. The 12m Maxi Ranger is uniquely built on only two steel skids to enable the building to be fully mobile
  • Halo Mini Discovery - A small scale building built to resemble a traditional ark, but providing modern and very welfare friendly accommodation for small laying flocks