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Poultry Housing

Developed through our Haygrove Polytunnel innovations.

Table Birds

laying birds poultry housing

Sometimes even more striking than the demand for free range eggs is the demand from consumers and supermarkets for table birds reared in environments where they can express their natural behaviours.

Halo Mobile steel framed houses provide the absolute best welfare friendly accommodation for table birds.

  • Halo Ranger - The Ranger offers accommodation for any flock size between 500 to 4000 table birds.
  • Halo Mini Ranger - The house of choice for organic, small scale production or specialist producers. Typically, the Halo Mini Ranger will house up to 500 table birds
  • Halo Maxi Ranger - The Maxi-Ranger provides a 12m mobile house – providing accommodation with an airy, well ventilated large air space
  • Halo Mini Discovery - A small scale building built to resemble a traditional ark, but providing modern and very welfare friendly accommodation for small flocks of table birds. This house is ideal for producers producing a specialist bird that needs to be reared to the absolute best standards