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Poultry Housing

Developed through our Haygrove Polytunnel innovations.

Turkeys And Geese

laying birds poultry housing

Seasonal poultry such as Turkeys and Geese typically only require housing for periods of the year. Therefore, the cost of expensive fixed or mobile steel buildings can be rarely justified. However, the benefits to providing housing in terms of the welfare of the bird, improving bio-security, optimising the weight of the finished bird or selling into higher value markets are substantial.

  • Multi-bay Tunnels - Specialist tunnels for seasonal poultry have been developed from Haygrove’s considerable experience in the manufacture of poly tunnels for horticulture. The units are typically built in 3 x 8m tunnel bays built together on a 2.5m leg that is drilled into the ground 85cm deep. This means that both the birds and stockman can move freely between each of the three poly tunnel bays. The units can built to any length, but typically depending on the flock size units are built between 25m to 50m long.